Adam Gent – Trainer / Instructor

About Adam Gent

Adam has been involved with the development and delivery of first aid and pre-hospital training since 2000, specialising in delivering care in remote environments.

Adam was a co-author for the First Person on Scene Level 4 qualification specification for Pearson and the accompanying textbook.

Originally an Outdoor instructor and qualified teacher, he has worked across most of the mountainous regions of Europe, as well as Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Goa, Borneo, Dubai, Ukraine and Tajikistan.

Adam has experience in working with a diverse range of clients including:

  • Armed Forces and Private Security
  • Energy Sector Organisations
  • Public & Charitable Sector Organisations
  • Executive Coaching
  • Educational Establishments from Key Stage 3 to Post Graduate
  • Media Industry
  • Disadvantaged and Disengaged Young People including Challenging Behaviour.

Adam is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care.

“For me, the most satisfying part of my role is being able to distil the most complex concepts into practical, pragmatic training; providing candidates with not only the competence to deliver lifesaving skills but also the confidence to do so.”

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