Michael Maybin – Medical Training Director

About Michael Maybin

Mikes medical and trauma background first established within the British Military, RAMC and also SF, he served in every operational conflict in which the UK has been involved between 1993 – 2005. A major part of his role was training other personnel, in trauma and medical approaches and other disciplines.

This was both within his own regiment and other military forces around the world. This was often achieved through an interpreter and in testing environmental conditions. Following completing military service he gained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing & Health, which built upon his Para-medicine role in military. He had opportunity to join the Fire and Rescue service soon after and completed seven years’ service alongside working for an NHS Locum agency, where he had opportunity to work in emergency departments, critical care, trauma & orthopaedics to name just a few.

“I am passionate about training and to up skill of others in the rescue field discipline. I diligently wish to approach this at all times to deliver the best for the most, for learning is like the horizon; there is no limit”

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